Flyer Ideas to Promote Your Business

People pay attention to flyers because they are always looking for ways to save money or get things cheaper and a flyer is an obvious place that potential customers will look. If your customers see the same flyer from your business over and over again, it may be one of the first things that come to mind when they think of you.

Take a look at some of the different kinds of flyers you can put together using flyer printing in Aurora specialists.

QR Codes:

QR codes are quickly becoming popular with businesses these days as well as various other groups, including political organizations, non-profits and even governments. QR codes are simple little barcodes (typically 1×1) that people can scan with their smartphone.

When they scan the code, it takes them to another page where there is more information about something you are advertising. QR codes can be printed on flyers and handed out at a local event, fair or convention. Often times people will not bring their phones with them when attending these events, but if they do and someone sees your flyer with a QR code on it, you never know if that person may actually stop by your booth to ask questions or even make a purchase.

Announcing a Discount:

Discounts are a great way to draw people in and get them interested in your business. If you have something new happening at your store or a special that you are going to be running, then flyers can help. Flyers can let people know about the discounts they can enjoy when they come into your shop.

Loyalty Programs:

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Loyalty programs involve rewarding customers who continue to do business with you. Loyalty cards also work best when there is some sort of incentive involved, and you can announce your own loyalty programs or discounts associated with them using your flyers.

All of these methods can be simple ways to bring new customers in using flyers. Don’t underestimate the power something so simple can have, and if you think it will work for your business, think about giving it a shot.