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Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet Plan Weight Loss While doing cardio, especially the beginners, try not to over exert in the first few months. Stick to a heart rate of 60-70 % of your maximum heart rate. Why? This is because if your are just beginning to exercise and your train at a high intensity level, your body will tend to use sugar and protein as its energy sources instead of fats from the fat cells. Personal Weight Loss Stories Less serious side effects include difficulty in sleeping, headaches, mood changes, dry mouth and loss of appetite. Additionally, alert your doctor to any other medications or supplements you are taking including antacids, herbal remedies, diuretics, pain relief medication and vitamins. Diet Pills Reviews Weight Loss Capsiplex Reviews-Quickly Weightloss Recommendations

At least 8 to 10 to start out. Repetitions are how many times you lift the weight.

People who are looking forward to weight loss are recommended to take between 1,500-1,700 calories at an average daily. It can change based on your activities and weight. To start this process you will have to calculate the amount of calories you requires to function daily or your Basal Metabolic Rate. This involves your weight as well as the level of activity. When this is done begin to cut back on food which have more calories. Where Can You Buy Pure Garcinia Cambogia Weight Loss 6. Hair damage – women do more to their hair than men and some of the daily treatment we dish out to our hair can have terrible effects. Harsh shampoos, hair colorants, bleaching, blow driers, straighteners – we seem to do everything possible to cause hair stress. The net effect of all this can be dry damaged hair which is weak and more brittle. Weakened hair is more prone to break and ultimately to fall out.

According to the recent statistics, it has been found that more than one third of the population of US falls in the category of obesity. And the obesity is not limited to one particular age or ethnic of the society rather it has increased tremendously over the decades and now almost all the ages, gender, ethnic and racial groups falls in this category.

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