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Chad closes record breaking sale in Malibu! | Chad Rogers Blog

Chad closes record breaking sale in Malibu!

I just represented the buyer on the sale of this $21,000,000 modern bluffside property in Malibu.

This is the highest sale in Malibu AKA the ‘BU since September of 2010 and the 2nd highest sale in Southern California for 2012 per the Multiple Listing Service.

The sale closed escrow the day after my 35th birthday! Perfect timing!!

Check out the pics

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4 Responses to “Chad closes record breaking sale in Malibu!”

  1. Julie Brown says:

    Congratulations!!! I always knew you were great!!!

  2. Lily says:

    Congratulations Chad! So pround of you! Blessings my friend!

  3. Wendy White says:

    Dear Chad, so happy for you. No one deserves this more than you. You are a great agent. What a wonderful 35th birthday present. So glad you are with the best real estate company in Beverly Hills. Hilton & Hyland. I will tell my boys, they just love you.

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